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According to survey by a leading organisation, a typical large enterprise today spends up to 80% of their IT budget on maintenance and support of their existing applications and products. This leaves only 20% of the budget for new innovations, strategic projects and latest technological researched and deveopments. This 80-20 trap prevents organisations to meet the needs of demanding business users. CIOs are thus forced to choose between essential new efforts in analytics, cloud, mobile or social and delivering high quality IT services at a low cost.

VixSpace works with CIOs, Enterprises and Growing business to take care of their product development and enhancement services at optimal cost. Our expert teams work closely with product owners and make sure the application is always online and in perfect state, while the enterprises focus on their businesses and be worry-free of their IT overheads. 


Partner For Support & Maintenance

VixSpace provides application maintenance services for Enterprises and Growing Businesses.

Emergency care, bug fixes, ongoing maintenance, feature updates, optimisation assistance and more is what our application support and maintenance experts offer round the clock. We can handle any emergency and are working hard to make sure those emergencies don’t happen in the first place.


Corrective Maintenance

We have the expertise to handle any kind of issues/bugs in your existing product.


Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. Use our advanced tools for system and performance monitoring.


Adaptive Maintenance

Changing with time is important, and this applies to your application and System as well. We are there to help.


Emergency Maintenance

What if your application is down and your users are frustrated? Our teams are available 24/7 to tackle.


No enterprise wants to witness system failures for its customer-facing apps. A system collapse is capable of creating chaos in your company. VixSpace, one of the eminent application maintenance services providers is offering a continuous assistance using tested methods so that your software applications run fine and generate revenue without any hassle.We have a competent team of support experts who provide custom solutions to trim the system outage and enhance the efficiency of the application portfolios. Mainly, our aim is to empower your business by providing an uninterrupted assistance.

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VixCare Level 1 (24/7)

Our L1 support engineers keep a close eye on initial notifications to be sure we can respond immediately for any occurrence. If issues concerning low network performance, application stability and others arise, the team will analyze the information, and determine the best way to resolve a problem before it becomes catastrophic.

Basic Support and Troubleshooting

We work closely on basic support services, compliances and work on basic troubleshooting and take care of general technical queries.

System Availability

We make sure your system is always online, running optimally as expected. 

Performance Monitoring

Our teams always keep an eye on the performance and make sure all the systems are running optimally. 

Back-office Activities

When we say, we take care of all your IT needs, we really mean it. From resetting Passwords to providing support to end-users, we work as your extended team.

Setup Servers & Systems

VixSpace has expert teams working on setting up server on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure along with general traditional hosting services. 

Deploy Monitoring & Security System

Someone has told, Prevention is better than cure. It applies to your IT product as well. We deploy smart monitoring systems which help predict any unwanted downtime or suggest technological upgrades.

Move Your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

Are you still using On-prem or traditional servers? If you do not act now, you will surely go out of business. We understand it and provide medium to large-scale migration services. We have custom solutions for Enterprises and Banking Clients.

Complete DevOps Services

We provide complete DevOps Services and cater all needs round the clock. 

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VixCare Level 2 (24/7)

This covers the activities which require changes in system or application side. This includes server restart, server setup, SSL related issues, CDN related issues, troubleshooting Database and accessibility related issues. We provide 24×7 monitoring and these and activities are covered in Lever 2 of our support. 

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VixCare Level 3 (24/7)

If we have the maintenance, we always try your application or system never falls under Level 3 at first place. But in case if your application ever needs it, our round the clock team will immediately start working on complex technical issues provide a solution as soon as possible.

Bug Fixing

Our L3 engineers provide immediate support on any kind of malfunction or Bug Fixes. We understand how important it is for your system to be online. So VixCare L3 provides assurance of action on the issue within 4 hours of the report. 

Performance Audit and Code Review

Auditing and Code review is one of the most essential activities towards which most of the organizations do not focus much. This leads to application downtime and additional workload. 

Update Legacy Apps & Dependencies

VixSpace keeps updating your system and dependencies. If needed we suggest and update legacy applications as well. 

Implementing New Features

As a business when you grow, your requirement for technology also changes. We develop scalable products and under our maintenance services, we implement all essentially required features and functionality so that you always stay ahead in terms of technology and technological advancements.


When results matter, your software can’t simply exist. It must perform. Every line of code must be written in allegiance to your mission. Every feature should facilitate meaningful engagements with your audience. Every function must be dependable, helping to forge a path toward a brave business objective.

We have been developing custom applications for over 5 years and it has enabled us gaining ample exposure and expertise in setting up the correct tech stack as we understand very well that setting up best performing tech stack and correct system architecture is similar to setting up the foundation of your home. Every other element is built, developed and scaled over the same foundation. It gives you confidence to scale whenever needed without worrying about the stability of the backend or crash of the product. We understand it well and thus suggest the best tech stack for your application.


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Based on your needs, budget and the preferred engagement model, VixSpace can provide round-the-clock coverage for application and system portfolios. Our areas of expertise include Java, JavaScript, .Net. PHP, Angular, NodeJs,  MongoDB, Flutter, Kotlin and many other Technologies. We work on all Open Source as well as some other platforms, databases, languages, software and enterprise applications. VixSpace has a team with good blend of Senior and Middle Level Technological Architects, DBAs and application consultants. We have a track record of maintaining critical applications for many enterprises and Government Organisations, as well as Startups and Mid-level companies.


Rupok Sen
Rupok Sen
09:57 17 Feb 22
VixSpace has a super team coordination. They have shown a great expertise for their requirements and transport for their solutions. The dealer has additionally regarded for his or her professionalism.
Uttam Saha
Uttam Saha
09:52 17 Feb 22
VixSpace replied properly to comments after the preliminary prototype and maintains to restore certain elements of the platform. Although the industry became impacted by way of COVID-19, the website still has numerous hundred customers. As a result, the patron is satisfied with their offerings.
Md Shahil
Md Shahil
07:56 07 Feb 22
Contacted Vixspace for a software requirement. I was thrilled the way consultants handled my requirement. The first team i came aross who helped me in fine tuning my requirements. The outcome is amazing.
Sohail Nawaz
Sohail Nawaz
12:04 06 Feb 22
Not sure about others, but for NIFSE, meeting them itself gave us a lot of confidence and we know our product is in good hands. Aa said, Top App developers in Hyderabad who understands every individual need and provide consultancy to all entrepreneurs
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